Backflow Program

Backflow Program

Beginning in January 2023, Mooresville WILL NO LONGER ACCEPT backflow preventer test and
maintenance reports via email, fax or mail!

Certified backflow testers must submit reports through our online tester portal only. 
To set up a new account, please contact

 Link for backflow testers currently registered: 

Attention Backflow Owners
Backflow owners/account holders may also set up an account in our on-line customer portal to view backflow preventer test and maintenance reports (beginning with those submitted in 2023), and track testing due dates by contacting  Once registered you can access your account via

Backflow owners now have the option to receive their annual notification via email!  You are not required to be registered for the online customer portal in order to receive email notifications. 

Cross-Connection Control & Backflow Prevention

A cross-connection is any physical connection between the public water system and a potential source of non-potable, polluted, or contaminated water or substances that can then enter into the safe drinking public water system.  Below are a few examples of possible cross-connections: 

  • Lawn irrigation sprinkler heads that are below ground level.  Water which may have been in contact with chemicals, pesticides, or animal/bird droppings can be back-siphoned through a leaky valve into the potable water system.
  • Soapy water or other cleaning compounds can be back-siphoned into your water supply plumbing through a faucet or hose submerged in a bucket or laundry basin.
  • A hose submerged in a swimming pool creates a pathway for pool water to be back-siphoned into your water supply plumbing.
  • Fertilizers/pesticides can be back-siphoned into your water supply plumbing through a garden hose attached to aa fertilizer/pesticide sprayer.

 Water systems depend on pressure in the distribution pipes to keep water flowing in the proper direction.  However, anything causing a drop in water pressure can reverse flow of water or other substances (like detergents or fertilizers) from a customer’s plumbing system back into the public water system, creating a health hazard for anyone connected to the system.  This is called backflow. 

North Carolina General Statutes require backflow prevention assemblies be installed on all cross-connections to help keep our water supply safe.  
This includes most commercial water customers as well as residential in-ground irrigation customers or customers who have a pool with auto-fill capabilities.  These devices must be permitted through the Town of Mooresville Public Utilities Department, and tested and certified every year to ensure they are working properly, in accordance with State law.

For more information or to ask if your project may require a backflow prevention assembly, you can contact the Town’s Backflow Coordinator at, or 704-799-8995.

Fire Service Connection (PDF)
Principle Assembly 2" and Under (PDF)
Principle Assembly 3" and Up (PDF)

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