Personnel Policies

The Town of Mooresville Personnel Policy applies to the appointment, classification, benefits, salary, promotion, demotion, dismissal, and conditions of employment of the employees of the Town of Mooresville. It is the purpose of this Policy and the rules and regulations set forth to establish a fair and uniform system of personnel administration for all employees of the Town under the supervision of the Town Manager. 

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Benefits6 documents

  • Educational Assistance.pdf
    document Header Educational Assistance.pdf
  • Employee Assistance Program.pdf
    document Header Employee Assistance Program.pdf
  • Group Benefit Plans.pdf
    document Header Group Benefit Plans.pdf
  • Licensure Certification.pdf
    document Header Licensure Certification.pdf
  • Miscellaneous Benefits.pdf
    document Header Miscellaneous Benefits.pdf
  • Retirement.pdf
    document Header Retirement.pdf

Compensation and Performance5 documents

  • Compensation & Performance.pdf
    document Header Compensation & Performance.pdf
  • Discipline.pdf
    document Header Discipline.pdf
  • Grievances.pdf
    document Header Grievances.pdf
  • Performance Management.pdf
    document Header Performance Management.pdf
  • Wage and Hour Administration.pdf
    document Header Wage and Hour Administration.pdf

Employment13 documents

  • Americans with Disability Act.pdf
    document Header Americans with Disability Act.pdf
  • Background Checks.pdf
    document Header Background Checks.pdf
  • Confidential Information.pdf
    document Header Confidential Information.pdf
  • Conflict of Interest.pdf
    document Header Conflict of Interest.pdf
  • Employment at Will.pdf
    document Header Employment at Will.pdf
  • Equal Employment Opportunity.pdf
    document Header Equal Employment Opportunity.pdf
  • Harassment Free Workplace.pdf
    document Header Harassment Free Workplace.pdf
  • Media Relations.pdf
    document Header Media Relations.pdf
  • Political Activity
    document Header Political Activity
  • Probationary Period.pdf
    document Header Probationary Period.pdf
  • Recruitment & Selection.pdf
    document Header Recruitment & Selection.pdf
  • Standards of Conduct.pdf
    document Header Standards of Conduct.pdf
  • Substance Abuse Policy.pdf
    document Header Substance Abuse Policy.pdf

General Provisions3 documents

    document Header CONFLICT OF INTEREST
  • Definitions.pdf
    document Header Definitions.pdf
  • Purpose.pdf
    document Header Purpose.pdf

Leave4 documents

  • FMLA.pdf
    document Header FMLA.pdf
  • Time Off & Leaves.pdf
    document Header Time Off & Leaves.pdf
  • Voluntary Shared Leave.pdf
    document Header Voluntary Shared Leave.pdf
  • Volunteer Time Off (VTO).pdf
    document Header Volunteer Time Off (VTO).pdf

Professional Workplace4 documents

  • Alternate Work Schedules.pdf
    document Header Alternate Work Schedules.pdf
  • Personal Appearance.pdf
    document Header Personal Appearance.pdf
  • Telecommuting.pdf
    document Header Telecommuting.pdf
  • Use of Technological Resources.pdf
    document Header Use of Technological Resources.pdf