Moore Avenue Streetscape Improvements

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Moore Avenue Improvements Project


The public is invited to an in-person open house public meeting with the Town of Mooresville to discuss this project.
Location:     Executive Town Board Room within Mooresville Town Hall

Address:      413 N. Main Street
Date:            Wednesday, November 16, 2022
Time:            4:30 - 6:30 PM

Project Limits: North Church Street to North Academy Street, approximately 1,100 feet

Project Description:  Moore Avenue is currently a two-lane, local road.  Sidewalks are present on both sides of Moore Avenue throughout the project extent. This project would include wider sidewalks, landscaping enhancements, and improved crosswalks. This project would also convert Moore Avenue to a single lane, one-way street from South Church Street to North Broad Street with traffic moving northwest.

Project Purpose:  The purpose of the Project is to improve the aesthetics of Moore Avenue to create continuity with Main Street and help beautify downtown Mooresville.  

This project is consistent with Town multimodal plans.

Preliminary Design:  This project is designed as a “best-fit” scenario to accomplish the Town’s goals and minimize the need for additional right of way.  

Moore Avenue would be reconstructed with two-way traffic between North Academy Street and North Broad Street. Moore Avenue would be converted to a single lane, one-way street from North Broad Street to South Church Street. This change would allow for wider sidewalks within the existing right-of-way. Each lane would be 12-feet with curb and gutter. The travel lanes would be marked as shared bike lanes with vehicle and bicycle traffic sharing the lanes. On-street parking would be available from North Academy Street to North Main Street.

The sidewalk on both sides of the street will vary from a minimum of 8 feet beginning at North Academy Street to a maximum of 16 feet near North Church Street. Stamped concrete and planter beds would be installed to beautify the street and match the aesthetics of Main Street.

    Typical Section 1, just south of North Academy Street, facing northwest.

MooreAveStreetSection2    Typical Section 2, just north of North Broad Street, facing northwest.
MooreAveStreetSection3    Typical Section 3, just north of North Church Street, facing northwest.

MooreAve SectionLocations
This project is designed to have minimal impacts, though some new right-of-way may need to be obtained. The right-of-way limits shown on the Public Meeting Map (October 2022) are preliminary and subject to change. Impacts to utilities and stormwater impacts will be avoided to the greatest extent possible and any conflicts resolved and restored.

Construction on this project is anticipated to begin in 2025.

Project Contact:
Ashton Walker, PE
Town of Mooresville 

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