Creek Week: Pet Waste can Damage Local Waterways

Cleaning up after your pet isn’t just a nice thing to do. It can help keep our local waterways clean and safe for humans and animals alike. 

Pet waste is often left on lawns, trails, and sidewalks. When rain flows down driveways, streets, parking lots, and other surfaces, it picks up debris and pollutants such as pet waste. Once that water enters storm drains, it flows into local creeks, streams, and lakes. The Mooresville Stormwater Division says because it’s not filtered or treated, the water can harm animals of all sizes, including fish and snails.

Pet waste is among the common stormwater pollutants that can degrade water quality. It contains harmful bacteria, such as E. Coli. The Mooresville Stormwater Division says other common stormwater pollutants include paint, oil, automotive fluids, construction debris, yard waste, and pesticides. 

The Mooresville Stormwater Division encourages residents and visitors to pick up after their pet(s). Carry a bag or two with you on walks to ensure you can clean up any waste. And make sure it’s properly disposed of in the garbage or even flushed (minus the bag). 

This story is part of the Town of Mooresville's Annual Creek Week. This year's events are scheduled from March 6-11, 2023. You can sign up online at

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