Town of Mooresville to Host Annual Creek Week

The Town of Mooresville Stormwater Division will host its annual Creek Week March 6-11, 2023, with the goal of educating kids and adults about the importance of keeping water as clean as possible. The week offers several hands-on learning experiences for residents–from touring the Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants to repairing stream bank erosion and participating in the annual Community Clean Up Day!

As rainwater runs down driveways, streets, parking lots, and other surfaces, it picks up pollutants (car oil, fertilizer, trash, animal waste, etc.) that can contaminate our waterways once they enter storm drains. Animals of all sizes--including snails, a staple of healthy creeks and the Creek Week mascot--are affected by contaminates in stormwater.

“Creek Week lets us get the public involved and educate them on why it’s so important to keep water as clean as possible,” said Stormwater Program Specialist Jamie Pope. “It’s not treated, so any pollutants it picks up go into our water ways and impact our drinking water and wildlife.”

The Stormwater Division encourages residents to minimize stormwater pollution whenever possible, and, during Creek Week, residents can learn exactly how to do that. Residents can also help mark storm drains, hear from local Catawba and Yadkin River Keepers, participate in the annual Clean Up Day, and more!

The week’s events culminate with multiple events at Bellingham Park on Saturday, March 11. The Mooresville Youth Council will be on hand at the park with lots of fun, family-friendly activities including snail races, arts and craft projects, and a snail-fie photo booth. 

The Town’s annual Clean Up Day will also be a part of Creek Week. Residents can bring any unwanted electronics, household items, and bulky items to Bellingham Park (1600 Bellingham Drive) on March 11, from 10 a.m.–2 p.m. Benfield Sanitation will provide on-site dumpsters for household items, while Southern Environmental will collect electronics to recycle. Some items will not be collected such as hazardous chemicals, paints, and tires. This event is in collaboration with the Town’s Planning & Community Development Department. 

Stormwater Division encourages families to participate in the Community Clean Up Day as well as the other activities throughout creek week. 

“They can learn how to help in their community,” said Pope. “When you get them into this at a young age, they carry it with them as they get older and know how stormwater works, where it goes, what it does.”

The Community Clean Up Day does not require residents to sign up in advance, however, other events during Creek Week do require reservations. You can sign you and your family up online at