Town Seeks Proposals for HPC Services

The Town of Mooresville is seeking proposals from qualified firms capable of providing a combination of Historic Preservation and Code Writing services to complete a comprehensive update to our Historic Preservation Design Standards, and add Downtown Form & Design Standards to our Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).

The Town is seeking a set of HPC Standards that are user-friendly, incorporate modern design and architecture practices, and expand the scope to incorporate residential properties, institutional buildings and cemeteries, and are consistent with the Town’s new UDO. Separately, the Town is interested in adding form and design standards to the new UDO to ensure that new development in the “Traditional Downtown” zoning district is of high-quality design that matches and enhances the existing character of Downtown Mooresville. Both updates should incorporate a collaborative process that involves the public and key stakeholders. Please see the attached Request for Qualifications document for more information.