Preparations to Make Ahead of Cold Weather

Before cold weather hits our area, make sure you protect the pipes inside and outside of your home from freezing. Once they burst, they can cause extensive damage and be costly to repair.

  • Drain water from swimming pools and water sprinkler supply lines (following manufacturers or installers directions)
  • If you have a backflow preventer, have a plumber winterize the unit
  • Remove, drain, and store hoses used outdoors, including garden hoses.
  • Close inside valves supplying outdoor hose bibs
  • Open outside hose bibs to allow water to drain and keep them open to make sure any remaining water can expand without causing the pipe to break

What can you do long-term to protect pipes from freezing?

  • Add insulation to attics, basements, and crawl spaces to maintain higher temperatures in these areas
  • Check for water supply lines in unheated areas, including the garage, kitchen, and bathrooms. Both hot and cold-water pipes should be insulated.
  • Consider installing products made to insulate water pipes, such as a “pipe sleeve,” heat tape, and similar materials.
  • Newspapers can provide some degree of insulation and protection. Even ¼” of newspaper can provide significant protection

The Mooresville Public Utilities Department has staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with water or sewer emergencies. Call 704-663-7282 during 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday-Friday. After hours, call 704-664-3311.