Congressman McHenry Tours MFR Station 6

North Carolina Congressman Patrick McHenry toured the newly opened Mooresville Fire-Rescue Station 6 today and presented a U.S. flag to the department to fly outside the station on Manufacturers Boulevard.

Station 6 opened July 12, 2022 to help serve the northeast section of the Town, which includes residents, the industrial business district, Niagara Water Bottling, GoPro Motorplex racetrack, and several racing teams. Congressman McHenry was unable to attend the opening but wanted to tour the station to see how it benefits Mooresville residents and allows the Town to handle continued growth.

“When you build a station like this, you’re positioning for the future, which is a smart use of taxpayer dollars,” said McHenry. “The fire service and the equipment and training go straight back into the taxpayers’ pockets because they save money on insurance. The community gets the benefit of a well-trained and well-equipped fire service. This is clearly a continuation of that.”

Fire Captain Shayne Summerfield led McHenry on the tour, showcasing the station’s ADA-compliant community room, the gear turnout room for cancer prevention, and the engine bay that houses Ladder 6. Summerfield also showcased some of the department’s drones, which are used to help with fire operations, including rescues, as well as Police Department and Town of Mooresville needs. MFR also uses the drones to assist neighboring agencies with their investigations.

McHenry’s visit allows him to better assist Mooresville Fire-Rescue and other fire departments across North Carolina’s 10th Congressional District.

“We help with fire grant and safer grant applications and help departments as they write grants to help try to draw out federal money for training and equipment for the fire service.”

At the end of the tour, McHenry presented Mooresville Fire-Rescue Chief Curt Deaton, Mayor Miles Atkins, several commissioners, and firefighters a U.S. flag.

“Mooresville Fire Station 6 will proudly fly the U.S. flag presented by Congressman McHenry at our station,” said Chief Deaton. “We appreciate his support of Mooresville Fire-Rescue and the Town of Mooresville.”

The 13,000 square-foot Station 6 houses 12 firefighters in four-person shifts and took more than a year to complete. McHenry ended his tour by acknowledging the department’s hardworking and dedicated firefighters.

“You’ve got very talented folks here at Mooresville Fire-Rescue and it’s always great to recognize what they do on a daily basis to keep us safe,” said McHenry.