Downtown Streetscape Master Plan

The Town of Mooresville has successfully developed a unified vision for streetscape design within and surrounding the downtown area. This
comprehensive vision serves as a vital framework for future public investment, ensuring consistent application of standard streetscape cross sections throughout the study area. By fostering a cohesive design language spanning the downtown’s historic core, proposed developments, and neighboring areas, this initiative enhances primary downtown corridors, transforming them into appealing, pedestrian-friendly, and bike-friendly spaces. Ultimately, this endeavor elevates the public realm, a cornerstone of exceptional towns and cities worldwide.

The objective of the Mooresville Downtown Streetscape Master Plan is to formulate a comprehensive collection of streetscape ideas and design guidelines
that both the public and private sectors can execute. Drawing from past planning endeavors and the influx of residents and businesses, this Master Plan seeks to establish a unified set of design principles and standards applicable throughout Downtown. These enhancements will cater to all modes of transportation into and through downtown, and provide enhancements to civic spaces, and public interaction within the urban fabric. The goal is to establish a harmonious and distinctive Downtown that amplifies the efforts of local businesses, town investments, and fosters economic growth.
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