Streets Crews Talk About N.C. Winter Weather Preparedness Week

It’s North Carolina Winter Weather Preparedness Week. And while we don’t see much snow or ice, the Town of Mooresville wants you to be safe!

Our Streets Crews put together a list to help you navigate the next storm:
-Don’t park your vehicle(s) in the street if it’s going to snow. Our plows cannot properly move the snow nor can they come back to plow that little section.
-Don’t park your vehicle(s) on a hill if it’s going to ice. It’s likely to get hit by cars driving down (sliding down) down the hill.
-Don’t tailgate our trucks, especially if we are putting down brine or salt on the roads. Stay back at least 100 feet.
-If you’re from up north, we know these storms are different than what you’ve experienced. However, people here aren’t used to driving in those conditions.
-Lastly, if you can, stay home during snow and ice storms. It’s safer for you, our first responders, and our streets crews.

NC Winter Weather Preparedness Week Intro