Town Releases 2022 Drinking Water Quality Report

The Town of Mooresville, NC has released the 2022 annual Drinking Water Quality Report. It shows there are no significant detections of monitored contaminants set forth by state and federal guidelines. The Town conducts regular in-house testing as well as third-party testing to ensure the water you drink is safe. These tests ensure residents receive a quality product they can rely on.

The Town’s water supply, which comes from Lake Norman, is routinely monitored for more than 150 potential contaminants before it goes to residents, such as microbial contaminants (such as viruses and bacteria) and inorganic contaminants (such as salts and metals). More than 50 samples are taken monthly to check for the presence of bacteriological contaminants. The 2022 Drinking Water Quality Report shows there was no detection of Coliform Bacteria or E. Coli in the distribution system as well as no radioactive contaminants, arsenic, lead, or nitrate.

You can read the full 2022 Drinking Water Quality Report online at If you have questions about this report or concerns about your water, please contact Mike Fulbright, Water Treatment Plant Manager, at 704-662-3186.