Traffic Circle at White Oaks & Grace Meadow

The Town of Mooresville’s Vision Zero Action Plan is committed to making efforts and taking steps to prevent deaths and serious injuries on our roads. One of these actions is to identify locations to implement pilot projects, such as traffic circles, to improve safety by testing a specific improvement with temporary, low-cost materials.

The Vision Zero team chose the intersection of White Oaks Road and Grace Meadow Drive. They will test a traffic circle to create a traffic calming effort on White Oaks Road, where many vehicles travel through to access the number of schools in the area and Bellingham Park. The traffic circle is also considered a traffic control device and is anticipated to operate more efficiently and safely than a two-way stop-control at the existing intersection.

On December 6, 2022, the Public Services Department received a request from a resident on Grace Meadow Drive for a multi-way stop at the intersection of Grace Meadow and White Oaks Road. The Town completed a multi-way stop warrant and determined none of the criteria were met for a multi-way stop. On December 14, 2022, Town staff conducted a field visit to multiple locations in Mooresville for the Vision Zero Action Plan. This intersection was recognized as a potential location for improvement.

The pilot project at White Oaks Road and Grace Meadow Drive is planned to be installed in the next few weeks (after the November 29 public meeting). Once installed, the project will remain in place for a minimum of three (3) months to monitor the intersection.

Temporary Roundabout - White Oaks and Grace Meadow UpdatePilot Project White Oaks Grace Meadow