Post Construction Site Runoff Controls

The Town of Mooresville adopted a Post Construction and Illicit Discharge & Connection Ordinance on September 2, 2014. This ordinance requires the owners of all post-construction execute best management practices or stormwater control measures, such as wet detention ponds, bioretention areas (rain gardens), etc. to submit an Operation and Maintenance Agreement along with annual inspection reports. The operation and maintenance agreements describe the standards by which the control measure must be operated and maintained.

If you are the owner of a post-construction stormwater control measure and need to fill out an operation and maintenance agreement, please select the appropriate form from Post Construction Runoff Control Forms and follow the directions within. Annual inspection reports are also required and able to be completed by a professional ( a qualified registered North Carolina professional engineer, surveyor, or landscape architect) and submitted to the Stormwater Program Specialist. View annual inspection forms and Operation & Maintenance agreement forms.

The Town has implemented a credit program for commercial sites maintaining individual post-construction control measures. To see if your property is eligible, please refer to the credit policy (PDF) and application (PDF).

Information regarding each type of control measure can be found in the NCDEQ BMP Manual found at