Snow and Ice Removal

Town's Promise

The town is responsible for providing snow removal services on all streets under its maintenance. To ensure maximum efficiency, the main roads are cleared first, followed by side streets and subdivisions. Additionally, the town takes proactive measures by applying a brine solution to the roads for ice control before a storm, provided the weather conditions are favorable. This helps to minimize the impact of the storm and ensures the safety of the residents and commuters in the area.

Code Enforcement 

  • Sec. 20-78. - Snow and ice removal.

    Each occupant of a store building or business house adjacent to which the sidewalk is paved with stone, brick, asphalt or cement shall remove snow, ice, or other obstruction from such sidewalk at the earliest possible time and as soon as the weather permits.

    (Code 1975, §§ 5.53, 11.22)