Patrol Divisions

Mooresville Police Department's Patrol Division is comprised of four Captains who serve as Watch Commanders, eight Sergeants who serve as District Supervisors, eight Corporals who serve as Assistant District Supervisors and Field Training Officers, five K9 Officers, and 40 Patrol Officers.

The men and women of the Patrol Division remain steadfast in their commitment to provide exemplary service and the achievement of goals. In addition to performing standard patrol functions, data analysis, predictive policing, and other technology-based solutions afford, the Division can proficiently allocate resources, protect, and serve. Our data-driven approach to policing combined with the Department’s deeply rooted community policing philosophies ensure the realistic needs of the community are appropriately addressed.

Regardless of assignment, it is the goal of the Patrol Division to proactively serve while deterring crime, holding the criminal element accountable, and addressing quality of life issues as they arise.

Diligently working to ensure relationships within the community are fostered, maintained, and enhanced, the Officers of the Patrol Division can also be found conducting foot and bicycle patrols and interacting with our citizens during community, neighborhood, and school events. Additionally, participation in our Public Safety Cadets Program, Citizens Academy, and many other community events and programs keep our Officers looking forward to their next engagement with the citizens of our community.