The Local History & Archives Department invites individuals and institutions to help us build our major collections.

Quality, historical value, genealogical significance, and research potential are key factors we look for when acquiring items to grow our collections. In the LHA, acquisitions fall into several broad collecting areas within the history of Mooresville, surrounding communities, areas of genealogical importance and research areas:

  • Rare and modern books and other printed materials
  • Historical archives, including personal papers of families, individuals, as well as organizational records
  • Historical photographs of people, places, and events
  • Historical records and documents
  • Historical artifacts

If you would like to donate books, archival materials, and/or photographs, etc. please contact us.

We ask that you have an itemized list prepared and, if possible, accompanying photographs or digital images of the materials you wish to donate. The final decision to accept donated materials is made by the appropriate curatorial staff in the LHA in accordance with our collection guidelines.