Storm Preparedness

Fire Marshal Woody wants you to be prepared for the next emergency - hurricane, tornado, or storm. Below are lists of what you should do before a storm as well as what you should and should not do during a storm.

First, prepare an emergency kit so you’re ready when a storm hits. What should you include? Woody recommends:

  • Water
  • Non-perishable food & manual can opener
  • Flashlights
  • First aid kit
  • Batteries
  • Phone chargers and portable battery packs
  • Battery operated radio

When a storm is headed our way:
  • Board up windows
  • Tie down any objects outside, including toys, playground, grills, and patio furniture
  • Clean drains and gutters to prevent clogs
  • Secure fuel tanks, such as gas tanks or propane tanks

What should you do and not do during a storm?

  • Stay away from windows & doors
  • Follow instructions & evacuate if ordered to do so
  • Use battery powered flashlights
  • Do not use candles
  • Do not use a generator or grill inside your home, garage, etc.
  • Do not use stove/oven