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1. How may I find out the status of my submitted plans?
2. How do I get a tap letter for an Iredell County Certificate of Occupancy?
3. How may I find out the status of a Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) report/review?
4. How can I find out about water and sewer availability to my property?
5. If I want to build on a parcel of land that does not currently have water and sewer service, will the town extend utilities to my property?
6. I live outside the town limits, there is a water line in front of my house and I would like to receive town water. what do I do?
7. Am I in the town's Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ)?
8. If I am not in the town's ETJ, can I move forward with a rezoning request?
9. What is the expected review time for my project?
10. Are there any fees associated with the Land Development Process?
11. How do I obtain the town approval box required on plans?
12. Who do I contact to schedule an inspection for services or maintenance?
13. How do I obtain the forms required to receive Acceptance for Services, building permit(s), and/or Certificate(s) of Occupancy?
14. I just got my construction approved by the town. What do I need to do in order to obtain a full building permit?