What will I get in return for paying this fee?
In addition to the various programs required by permit (see Phase II NPDES Stormwater Program), fees will allow for increased proactive maintenance and capital improvements to the Town's public storm drainage system. Many storm drain systems in Mooresville are over 50 years old and need to be replaced. Many discharge directly to a stream or property line. Over time, this causes land erosion and stream pollution. Through master planning and capital improvements funded through the stormwater utility, these issues can be addressed.

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1. What is stormwater runoff?
2. How do I report an illicit discharge/stormwater issue?
3. What is an impervious surface?
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5. What is the Town's storm drainage policy?
6. What is the Town's Stormwater Utility?
7. How is this fee charged?
8. Why not pay for these activities through taxes?
9. What will I get in return for paying this fee?
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