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The Local History and Archives Division of Mooresville Public Library collects, preserves, and makes available material of historical and cultural value to the citizens of Mooresville, Iredell County, and Western North Carolina. 

Researchers at our facility can access local history documents and books; genealogical books and family papers; rare books; and archives, which include such diverse formats as photographs, films, videos, manuscripts, first editions, out-of-print works, census indexes, oral histories, cemetery records, maps, phonographic records, films, and other like materials. A catalog list of our holdings can be found at Past Perfect

Local History and Archives houses five main types of collections:

  1. Local History materials including, but not limited to, books documenting the history of Mooresville, Iredell, and Western North Carolina; Mooresville newspapers; store catalogs; flyers and ads; scrapbooks and yearbooks; event items; newsletters; and other documents about events in Southern Iredell County.
  2. Genealogy books with the histories of families connected to the local area as well as the state and region; family papers; letters; printed and unprinted histories of families.
  3. Rare books, including volumes special to the library and community; having historical or scholarly importance; signed copies; first editions of a well-known literary work; having limited publication; having rare subject matter; or having significant monetary value.
  4. Archives including, but not limited to, manuscripts; letters; maps; business records; diaries; scrapbooks; church records; postcards; family papers; newspapers; and town department and civic group records; all with ties to the local area.
  5. Works of art by local artists or owned by local families, including paintings and sculptures.

Other information and rules about usage can be found by clicking Research and Rules

online Local History catalog and collections

Explore our online collections below of photographs, letters, artifacts, maps, newspapers, oral histories, etc. related to the history of Mooresville, Iredell County, and the surrounding area. More items are being added each day.

  1. Mooresville Archives
  2. NC History
  3. Newspapers
content dm mpl Opens in new windowLocal History & Archives Gallery
These online collections explore the history of businesses, families, and Mooresville through the grouping of related materials detailing special areas or events in the history of Mooresville.

PastPerfect catalogLocal History & Archives Catalog
The official online catalog of Local History and Archives. Search for books, artifacts, photographs, documents and more through this online catalog.


Discover, share and preserve your family history -- search federal census records, family histories, local histories, military records, and more!

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You are invited to help build our archival collections and preserve Mooresville history!

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  3. Oral History Project

Genealogy Research Requests

Genealogy Research Request Form is for brief inquiries about the genealogy of families from Mooresville, Iredell County, and the surrounding area. Please allow 5 business days for a response, no more than 3 requests per month. 

Obituary Requests

Are you looking for the obituary of someone who died in Mooresville or southern Iredell county? Please fill out an Obituary Request Form to submit a Mooresville Tribune obituary search request.