Public Education, Involvement & Outreach

Public Involvement & Participation

Storm drain marking is an opportunity for citizens of all ages to be involved in reminding everyone that storm drains connect directly to our local waterways. Storm drain marking involves labeling storm drains with messages warning citizens not to dump pollutants into storm drains. Typically, volunteer events are conducted in small groups and last 1 - 3 hours. In order to participate in the Town's storm drain marking program, volunteers must submit an online application through the Town's Volunteer Program and also submit a signed waiver.

Stormwater Marking

Storm Drain Marking Flyer (PDF)

Storm Drain Marking Information Packet (PDF)

Public Education & Outreach

The Stormwater Program Specialist develops and distributes educational materials to the community, and conducts outreach activities to increase public awareness of the impact of stormwater management. When requested, demonstrations can be given to classes, civic groups and organizations. These demonstrations can include the use of the Town's Watershed EnviroScape model which shows the relationship between our watershed and stormwater pollution. These demonstrations can be tailored to a variety of age groups. Typically, these demonstrations can cover the following:

-What is a Watershed?
-What is Stormwater?
-Point and Nonpoint source pollution
-Connection between storm drains and our local waterways
-Ways to prevent stormwater pollution

Please contact the Stormwater Program Specialist at 704-799-4195 for more information about stormwater pollution prevention, or if you wish to schedule a demonstration.