Meeting Rooms

Charles Mack Citizen Center

Located in the heart of Mooresville at 215 N. Main St., the Charles Mack Citizen Center is described by many as the "jewel of downtown." It is a town landmark that celebrates our community's historic past and sets the stage for a vibrant, promising future.

Selma Burke Community Room

Located at the Mooresville Public Library this room is equipped with wireless web connection, white boards, projection screen, microphones, DVD and video capability, as well as laptop connectivity for PowerPoint and other presentations. The kitchenette in the Williams Wing is available for light refreshments and finger foods to be served. More information

Selma Burke Community Center

Selma Burke Community Center is previously known as Agape Community Center. Selma Burke was born and raised here in Mooresville. She has forever woven through her craft of sculpture a piece of Piedmont North Carolina into the Fabric of America. The next time you see Roosevelt on a dime, think of Dr. Selma Burke, and think of Mooresville. The portrait and original bust of Dr. McLelland, by her, can be found in the Mooresville Public Library.

Learn how to contact the Selma Burke Community Center or stop by for a visit at it's location:
781 Agape Drive
Mooresville, NC 28115

Talbert Recreation Center

Talbert Recreation Center is located in the Talbert Pointe Executive Park. This 26,000 square foot facility provides opportunities for athletic programs, fitness, and activity classes. This facility, which opened in 2012, is the third facility operated by the Town of Mooresville. This facility hosts several regional and local basketball, volleyball, and wrestling tournaments and camps throughout the year.

The War Memorial Center

The War Memorial Center was the vision of several local civic clubs after World War II. They established a Civic Planning Council whose main purpose was to secure land and build a center as a memorial to World War I and II veterans. They held fundraising campaigns to help make the 15 ½ acre community center area (which includes the War Memorial Building, tennis courts, a swimming pool, a nature area, and Liberty Park) a reality. The War Memorial Building was to be the prominent feature.

The Winnie L. Hooper Center

The Winnie L. Hooper Center was previously known as the West End Recreation Center, but later named for its first Director, Mrs. Winnie L. Hooper. The facility was built in 1965, as part of the Mooresville Housing Authority to provide programs and activities to the neighborhood. In February 2010, the Winnie L. Hooper Center held a celebration in honor of Mrs. Winnie L. Hooper. Mrs. Hooper was a woman always committed to empowering youth to serve their community. Mrs. Hooper was also a champion for senior programs and a devoted public servant.