Land Development

The Town of Mooresville and southern Iredell County has experienced tremendous growth. That growth has required the Town of Mooresville to institute policies and procedures to aid in managing how growth and development occurs in the town and within its Extra Territorial Zoning Jurisdiction.

Land Development Services & Process

Land development services are those services provided by various town departments dealing with the zoning, land use, infrastructure, construction safety, and service delivery to developed parcels of land with the Town of Mooresville and the Extra Territorial Zoning Jurisdiction.

The land development process is the method by which a parcel or parcels of land are taken from an idea to reality. The process is outlined in a flow chart (PDF) and in the Land Development Process Manual (PDF). The land development process can begin in one of several ways. If the proposed site is outside of the corporate limits of the town, a utility extension request must be made to the Town Board of Commissioners. This request must be accompanied by a signed Voluntary Annexation Petition. If the subject property lies outside of the planning jurisdiction of the town, a request for release of jurisdiction must be made to the Iredell County, municipal zoning must be established on the property.

Once a property has become part of the jurisdiction of the Town of Mooresville, the land development process is the method by which a concept becomes an actual project.

The Four Basic Process Steps

  • Sketch Plan Phase
  • Concept Plan Phase
  • Construction Drawings Phase
  • Implementation Phase

Department Collaboration

The development proposal may be a use of right or it may require a rezoning request. The land development process includes input from the many town departments as well as several state agencies. Coordination between these departments and agencies is a vital component of the process.

The land development process is a thorough process that takes into account all aspects of a development project both on site and off site. This process functions best when there is a high level of communication between the owner/developer, the design professionals and the town staff.

Land Development Flow Chart