Special Collections

Special Collections of the Mooresville Public Library collects, preserves, and promotes the history and heritage of Mooresville and the surrounding area. Special Collections consists of archives, rare book, genealogical, and local history collections, which include photographs, films, video, manuscripts, first editions, out-of-print works, census indexes, oral histories, cemetery records, maps, phonographic records, films, and other like materials.


Special Collections offers obituary and some genealogical research services to patrons of the library. Patrons who donate originals or copies of their genealogical research will receive both digital and hard copies of their donations.

Obituary Requests

To request a search for an obituary, please fill out an Obituary Request Form.

Purchase Requests

Library patrons may request materials that fall within the scope of Special Collections; however, some materials may take longer to acquire than others. Please fill out a Purchase Request Form.

Classes & Workshops

Special Collections offers classes and workshops. Check the Library Events calendar for dates and times.


Special Collections accepts books, photographs, manuscripts, documents, letters, maps, etc. for inclusion into the collections.

Oral History Project

The Oral History Project is a joint effort with the Mooresville Museum to collect, preserve, and promote the oral history of Mooresville and surrounding area. Oral histories are for private and educational use only, may not be copied, but can be checked out from Special Collections or viewed online.

MoGen & HoGen Projects

The Mooresville Genealogical Project (MoGen) and Historical House Genealogical Project (HoGen) provide information about families and residents of Mooresville, southern Iredell County and the surrounding areas, including genealogical information about houses and buildings.